Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask


Enriched with IONIC Glacial Oceanic Clay, this mask detoxifies skin with clay’s negatively supercharged ions and nourishes skin with multiple botanic essences and clay’s 70+ types of minerals and rare elements.

Canadian glacier mud is a green family, its appearance was colloidal, particle diameter less than 0.5 microns, is recognized as ultra-fine natural mud and experts recognized high-quality mud mask. It contains more than 70 kinds of minerals, nutrients and negative ions, pH as the center (PH6.5-7.2), humidity of 35.5%, very suitable for human skin. Can promote blood circulation, soften the blood vessels, nutrition skin, and gradually clear blackheads, acne, melanin precipitation, delay skin aging.

This innate superiority of the Canadian glacier mud makes it known as “beauty mud” and “skin cleaners” by beauty specialists all over the world. Glacier mud suction and ion exchange effect, will make the pores thinner, deep skin nutrition, moisture was drawn to the surface, so that the skin clean, moist, soft and flexible.

After cleaning the face, the glacial mud mask evenly applied to the face, to avoid the eye and lip parts. Until the mask dry, with warm water or cold water thoroughly cleaned. Acne in the key parts of the local use every day.

SWEETYA Glacier Mud Mask contains willow bark extract and Evodia fruit extract, making the product ideal for reducing redness, helping to improve and brighten the complexion.

Our products do not include artificial colours, p-hydroxybenzoates and binders.


Evodia Tree


White willow bark Salix alba